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Eight guidelines for handling artificial intelligence (AI)

Last Update Time: 2019-05-11 13:48:24

BVDW has released eight guidelines for handling artificial intelligence (AI). These guidelines address issues such as digital ethics, labor market challenges or business communication with politics and society.


In the context of the growing importance of artificial intelligence and its impact on society, the economy, and politics, the Federal Digital Economy Association (BVDW) has agreed on eight guidelines for dealing with artificial intelligence. The guide was developed by the “Artificial Intelligence Expert Group”, which consists of representatives from various associations.

Artificial intelligence is an economic competitive factor. However, in the foreground, it is no longer just the technical possibilities of AI. We are eager to address development issues in a more comprehensive manner. Marco Zingler, vice president of BVDW, explained that the focus is not just on what artificial intelligence can do, but on what it should not do. Therefore, the digital industry will strive to communicate at a line of sight that involves society, business, and politics.

In order to maintain global competitiveness, the European digital economy must act in a closed manner,” BVDW Vice President requested.


8 guide details:

  1. Artificial intelligence is an economic competitive factor as a key technology, and the digital industry will involve artificial intelligence to develop new business models. To this end, companies in the digital economy must determine the specific application areas of AI.


2. KI helps solve social problems - the digital economy will accompany and mitigate this necessary discourse. To this end, economic, political and social equivals must be included.


3. Europe's digital economy needs to be cohesive to avoid falling behind - the implementation of artificial intelligence requires a European way of thinking. In order for the EU to act fully, Germany must become a strong member of the European Union.


4. Citizens' autonomy and freedom must be secured by building trust, and the digital economy believes that it has an obligation to adjust its data-driven models. Therefore, it must be clear which data is used by the intended AI.


5. Artificial intelligence has the potential to undermine the economy - clarifying basic ethical issues is a key prerequisite for its breakthrough. This requires clear guidelines for the entire society.


6. Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence will change the job market - the digital economy will use artificial intelligence to create new jobs in the labor market. This requires greater flexibility in the labor market.


7. The development of qualified AI experts in Germany and Europe is a top priority - the digital economy matches the conditions and their contribution. In addition, existing training and continuing education opportunities must be adjusted to make them more flexible.


8. Data is the driving force behind artificial intelligence - The digital economy is committed to providing an appropriate regulatory framework to implement artificial intelligence on a broad basis. The data tank needs to be opened to make the data available to help the AI break through.

KI - 2019 theme

Most importantly, however, clarifying basic ethical issues in accordance with the Association's artificial intelligence guidelines is a necessary prerequisite for technological breakthroughs. Zingler explained, “This requires trust, which can only be achieved through transparency and continuing education. In particular, the labor market is expected to change dramatically – as an industry, we have a responsibility to create new job files to compensate for unemployment and Establish appropriate artificial intelligence skills. After all, KI offers great potential for efficiency in Germany, for example in the industrial manufacturing process, if the appropriate regulatory framework allows it. With our guidelines, we give the digital economy an important direction.


AI is the same as the digital economy this year, no other development - a BVDW member survey, this year's trend shows: KI to 2019 with the most influential theme of the digital industry is. “In many discussions, AI is confused with pure automation,” Zingler said. But this does not meet the potential of this development. The actual ability to imitate through software-like human decision-making is a shift. “This is why AI is a fairly basic innovation that will affect some business models and social life.


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