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How to judge a capacitor is good or bad and replace the bad one?

Last Update Time: 2019-03-11 12:00:02

  1. Judge the capacitor is good or bad.

If the capacitor appearance has obvious crush, tympanic, leakage, that it must be replaced. Before the measurement of electrolytic capacitor, connect two pins of the capacitor,the diode block of the digital multimeter, the positive pole of the red meter's contact capacitor and the negative pole of the black meter's contact capacitor are used. The value of the display screen slowly increases to infinity. Then adjust the meter pen, the display value first become smaller and then bigger.Capacitors with the above processes are good.

In the measurement, the value of 0 indicates that the capacitance has been short-circuited, and the infinite value of the display shows that the capacitance is open. Short-circuit and open-circuit capacitors cannot be used and must be replaced. The capacitance of the patch is measured using a digital multimeter diode block. Two meters are clamped at both ends of the capacitor. The display value of infinity indicates that the measured capacitor is good. If the display screen shows zero for capacitor short circuit, Shows a numerical value indicating a capacitor leakage. To be accurate, capacitance meters are used to measure capacitors.    


2. The principle of capacitor replacement.

Electrolytic capacitance: voltage, temperature, capacity value of the relaced capacitor can not lower than the original value. Voltage resistance, temperature resistance, capacity values of capacitors are common in the capacitor housing.

Patch capacitance: can be measured with a capacitance meter, or can be replaced with the same color / size, but not accurate.


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