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Manufacturer: PUI Audio, Inc.
More Detail: Buzzers Kit 26 Pieces (10 Values - Mixed Quantitie...
DataSheet: 668-1506-KIT datasheet668-1506-KIT Datasheet/PDF
Quantity: 9
1 +: $ 22.92570
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$ 25.22
Series: AT
Packaging: Bulk 
Part Status: Active
Kit Type: Buzzers
Quantity: 26 Pieces (10 Values - Mixed Quantities)
Mounting Type: Through Hole
Specifications: Magnetic, Piezo

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Audio Kits: 668-1506-KIT

The 668-1506-KIT is an audio kit designed and manufactured by KITS Technologies Limited. This kit has been designed to provide customers with an all in one solution for their audio needs. It comes with a range of features that make it ideal for a variety of applications ranging from consumer to professional uses.In this article, we will be looking at the application field of the 668-1506-KIT, as well as its working principle.First, let’s take a look at the application field of the 668-1506-KIT. This kit is designed to provide audio solutions for all types of audio related needs. It can be used for home theater systems, KTVs (Karaoke Machines), home music and audio tools, PAs (public address systems) and more. It can also be used in PA systems and commercial audio applications such as recording studios, sound reinforcement, and educational theaters.In terms of its working principle, the 668-1506-KIT utilizes an integrated amplifier topology that is designed to improve efficiency and reduce distortion. It also features a low-voltage system, which reduces power consumption by up to half compared to traditional designs. This feature makes the kit very energy efficient, as it does not consume large amounts of power when in operation.Aside from the amplifier, the 668-1506-KIT also comes with several other components such as a power supply, speakers, and crossovers. The combination of these components allows it to provide a wide range of audio solutions for a variety of applications. The crossovers enable the user to configure the system according to their needs, as they are capable of providing different sound profiles.The 668-1506-KIT also comes with several additional features such as frequency response controls, adjustable gain, crossover controls, and power sequence options. These features allow the user to optimize their system in order to suit their own personal preferences.Overall, the 668-1506-KIT from KITS Technologies is an audio kit that provides users with sound solutions for a wide variety of applications. It is designed to provide optimal audio solutions for the consumer and professional audio market, and it features an integrated amplifier topology that improves efficiency and reduces distortion. The combination of components and additional features make this kit ideal for a variety of applications.

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