Quality Control

Quality commitment

Allicdata has been focusing on product quality since its inception and has maintained a good cooperative relationship with electronic component manufacturers. From the product quality, delivery time, after-sales service and other aspects, strictly in accordance with the quality management system for quality control.

Allicdata statement

Allicdata claims that all products are 100% genuine. Before sending to the customer, each product has been carefully tested. Our goal is to be accountable to our customers and satisfy them.

Quality management system certification

Quality management system certification is registered by ISO 9001:2008, and all products of offices and distribution centers are globally recognized, meeting the requirements of aerospace distributors and AS9120 quality management system certification.

environmental policy

Allicdata has always attached importance to environmental protection to prevent pollution and meet the needs of supervision and environmental protection. We will work with our customers, suppliers, governments and communities to understand more about the environment and to support the optimization of partnerships to minimize the impact of trade on the environment.