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ACKme (Zentri)

Accelerated Designs focuses on providing vendors, distributors, electronic manufacturers and engineers with vendor-neutral data for ECAD design, simulation and 3D modeling. The flagship product of Accelerated Designs is the Ultra Librarian, which creates and exports vendor-neutral ECAD data in a format that allows users to customize the data to meet their own requirements and the requirements of their customers. The Ultra Librarian uses the concept of templates to create parts, which increases accuracy,  speed, and consistency  of part creation and allows global changes to be made to your library. With the Ultra Librarian tool, automation is key – build your component accurately one time, and export to the CAD tool(s) of your choice! We also provide the industries’ largest library of ECAD components – currently at 7.2 million parts, growing monthly. This library represents over 400 manufacturers, and 82% of these components have the ability to dynamically create 3D STEP models. Accelerated Designs is dedicated to working SMARTER, not HARDER, and we specialize in finding ways to automate the library creation process in the simplest way possible to save you and your customers time and money