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About NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors is a leading supplier of embedded controllers offering a broad portfolio of MCUs with Arm-based processors and microcontrollers for a variety of industries including automotive, wireless connectivity and more. They continue to drive innovation offering a strong Power Management portfolio for industrial and automotive applications, including multiple power supplies and battery management solutions. NXP products power and connect across the globe building solutions, helping enhance the proficiency of people, organizations and the world has a whole.

Freescale Semiconductor has been acquired by NXP Semiconductor. Freescale Semiconductor parts are now a part of the NXP family (Dec 2015).

Photo ALLICdata Part# Mft.Part# MKT. Code Package PDF
9397 750 16017 939775016017-ND 9397 750 16017 939775016017-ND Datasheet
D3172MMA7455L D3172MMA7455L-ND D3172MMA7455L D3172MMA7455L-ND Datasheet
BGA2817,115 568-9446-2-ND BGA2817,115 Tape & Reel (TR)  568-9446-2-ND Datasheet
BGU7007,115 568-8389-2-ND BGU7007,115 Tape & Reel (TR)  568-8389-2-ND Datasheet
MBC13916NT1 MBC13916NT1TR-ND MBC13916NT1 Tape & Reel (TR)  MBC13916NT1TR-ND Datasheet
BGA2866,115 568-6213-2-ND BGA2866,115 Tape & Reel (TR)  568-6213-2-ND Datasheet
BGA2867,115 568-13124-2-ND BGA2867,115 Tape & Reel (TR)  568-13124-2-ND Datasheet
BGA2803,115 568-8483-2-ND BGA2803,115 Tape & Reel (TR)  568-8483-2-ND Datasheet
BGA2851,115 568-8504-2-ND BGA2851,115 Tape & Reel (TR)  568-8504-2-ND Datasheet
BGA2818,115 568-12531-2-ND BGA2818,115 Tape & Reel (TR)  568-12531-2-ND Datasheet