Manufacturer Information

Perfect Smart Power

Perfect Smart Power Semiconductor Co., Ltd The product series VDMOS, TRENCH/SGT MOS, COOLMOS, IGBT, FRD, Gate Driver IC, PWM IC high-frequency devices independently developed by. have been widely used in consumer electronics, smart home, wired/wireless communications, photovoltaics Inverter, industrial control, energy storage power supply, new energy vehicle, power grid and rail transit and other fields. The company's superior products are ultra-high voltage, ultra-high voltage, and high-current MOSFETs. The product parameters are benchmarked against well-known international brands, and the performance indicators are leading domestically. Import substitution can be fully realized in the industrial field.

In order to ensure product performance, the company has established a professional R&D laboratory, which has the capabilities of DC characteristic detection, dynamic characteristic detection, high temperature reverse bias voltage, high temperature gate bias voltage, storage reliability testing, etc., and has a complete set of machines and Application testing. ability.