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RFMD®, a leading RFIC supplier, offers an extensive product portfolio including gain blocks, pre-drivers, drivers, LNAs, direct modulators, demodulators and power transistors for wireless infrastructure and CATV applications.

All RoHS compliant and Pb-Free, our products offer the highest linearity and broadband performance required for wireless infrastructure standards, while paying special attention to thermal performance and reliability to ensure our products meet tough industry standards. Our RF386X series of GaAs pHEMT low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) offers broadband performance (380 MHz – 3800 MHz), excellent low noise, high gain, and high output IP3 performance. RFMD’s infrastructure roadmap also includes the commercialization of gallium nitride (GaN) High Power Transistors and Broadband Amplifiers.

Photo ALLICdata Part# Mft.Part# MKT. Code Package PDF
RFPA3800TR7 689-1077-6-ND RFPA3800TR7 Digi-Reel®  689-1077-6-ND Datasheet
RFDA0016TR7 689-1092-6-ND RFDA0016TR7 Digi-Reel®  689-1092-6-ND Datasheet
SZA-3044Z 599-1071-6-ND SZA-3044Z Digi-Reel®  599-1071-6-ND Datasheet
SBW-5089Z 599-1010-6-ND SBW-5089Z Digi-Reel®  599-1010-6-ND Datasheet
SZA-6044Z 599-1073-6-ND SZA-6044Z Digi-Reel®  599-1073-6-ND Datasheet
SZA-2044Z 599-1070-6-ND SZA-2044Z Digi-Reel®  599-1070-6-ND Datasheet
STA-6033Z 599-1066-6-ND STA-6033Z Digi-Reel®  599-1066-6-ND Datasheet
SBA-4086Z 599-1000-6-ND SBA-4086Z Digi-Reel®  599-1000-6-ND Datasheet
SBA-5089Z 599-1003-6-ND SBA-5089Z Digi-Reel®  599-1003-6-ND Datasheet
SGA-5286Z 599-1038-6-ND SGA-5286Z Digi-Reel®  599-1038-6-ND Datasheet