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Tracing its roots back to 1952, Rubycon is one of the original pioneers in the aluminum capacitor market. With monthly production of up to 1 billion capacitors from over 8,000 product items, Rubycon ranks as one of the largest suppliers of miniature electrolytic capacitors. Large-scale production, vertical integration, and quality resulting from innovative technology are synonymous with the name Rubycon.

Rubycon is the North America subsidiary of Rubycon based in Gurnee, IL. Rubycon offers sales and engineering support including an independent rep network of over 100 agents throughout the region to support your needs.

Rubycon: Quality / Reliability / Innovation

Photo ALLICdata Part# Mft.Part# MKT. Code Package PDF
16ST155MA23216 1189-1793-2-ND 16ST155MA23216 Tape & Reel (TR)  1189-1793-2-ND Datasheet
25ST225MB23225 1189-1806-2-ND 25ST225MB23225 Tape & Reel (TR)  1189-1806-2-ND Datasheet
35ST105MB13225 1189-1813-2-ND 35ST105MB13225 Tape & Reel (TR)  1189-1813-2-ND Datasheet
16ST335MB33225 1189-1797-2-ND 16ST335MB33225 Tape & Reel (TR)  1189-1797-2-ND Datasheet
16ST106MC44532 1189-1792-2-ND 16ST106MC44532 Tape & Reel (TR)  1189-1792-2-ND Datasheet
16ST226MD35750 1189-1796-2-ND 16ST226MD35750 Tape & Reel (TR)  1189-1796-2-ND Datasheet
35TZV100M6.3X8 1189-1620-2-ND 35TZV100M6.3X8 Tape & Reel (TR)  1189-1620-2-ND Datasheet
25PX1000MEFCT810X16 1189-1583-3-ND 25PX1000MEFCT810X16 Tape & Box (TB)  1189-1583-3-ND Datasheet
50TZV220M10X10.5 1189-1654-2-ND 50TZV220M10X10.5 Tape & Reel (TR)  1189-1654-2-ND Datasheet
35ZLH100MEFC6.3X11 1189-1300-ND 35ZLH100MEFC6.3X11 Bulk  1189-1300-ND Datasheet