Manufacturer Information

United Chemi-Con

A wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Chemi-Con, United Chemi-Con (UCC) is North America's largest manufacturer and supplier of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Established in the United States in 1970, United Chemi-Con distributes more than 8,000 products, including products manufactured both domestically in Lansing, North Carolina, and at other worldwide plants. Because quality customer service is one of United Chemi-Con's highest priorities, we offer complete engineering and sales support at our corporate headquarters in Rosemont, Illinois, as well as sales, service and field engineering support at other sites throughout the country. UCC products are warehoused in Brea, California and Lansing, North Carolina, ensuring fast and efficient delivery of your orders

Photo ALLICdata Part# Mft.Part# MKT. Code Package PDF
EMVA6R3ADA101ME55G 565-2057-2-ND EMVA6R3ADA101ME55G Tape & Reel (TR)  565-2057-2-ND Datasheet
EMVE160ADA101MF55G 565-2204-2-ND EMVE160ADA101MF55G Tape & Reel (TR)  565-2204-2-ND Datasheet
EMVY500ADA470MF80G 565-2493-2-ND EMVY500ADA470MF80G Tape & Reel (TR)  565-2493-2-ND Datasheet
EMZA6R3ADA101ME61G 565-2519-2-ND EMZA6R3ADA101ME61G Tape & Reel (TR)  565-2519-2-ND Datasheet
EMVY250ADA101MF80G 565-2462-2-ND EMVY250ADA101MF80G Tape & Reel (TR)  565-2462-2-ND Datasheet
EKY-101ETD470MJC5S 565-4258-3-ND EKY-101ETD470MJC5S Tape & Box (TB)  565-4258-3-ND Datasheet
EMZA350ADA470MF61G 565-2558-2-ND EMZA350ADA470MF61G Tape & Reel (TR)  565-2558-2-ND Datasheet
EMZA250ADA101MF80G 565-2549-2-ND EMZA250ADA101MF80G Tape & Reel (TR)  565-2549-2-ND Datasheet
EMZA350ADA101MF80G 565-2559-2-ND EMZA350ADA101MF80G Tape & Reel (TR)  565-2559-2-ND Datasheet
EMVA350ADA221MHA0G 565-2121-2-ND EMVA350ADA221MHA0G Tape & Reel (TR)  565-2121-2-ND Datasheet