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Connectors, Interconnects

Manufacturer: Preci-Dip
Short Description: CONN HDR 6POS 2MM T/H
More Detail: Connector Header Through Hole 6 position 0.079" (2...
DataSheet: 882-70-006-10-001101 datasheet882-70-006-10-001101 Datasheet/PDF
Quantity: 1000
2050 +: $ 0.12928
Stock 1000Can Ship Immediately
$ 0.15
Contact Finish Thickness - Post: Flash
Applications: --
Series: 882
Packaging: Bulk 
Part Status: Active
Connector Type: Header
Contact Type: Male Pin
Pitch - Mating: 0.079" (2.00mm)
Number of Positions: 6
Number of Rows: 2
Row Spacing - Mating: 0.079" (2.00mm)
Number of Positions Loaded: All
Style: Board to Board
Shrouding: Unshrouded
Mounting Type: Through Hole
Termination: Solder
Fastening Type: Push-Pull
Contact Length - Mating: 0.157" (4.00mm)
Contact Length - Post: 0.110" (2.79mm)
Overall Contact Length: 0.346" (8.80mm)
Insulation Height: 0.079" (2.00mm)
Contact Shape: Square
Contact Finish - Mating: Gold
Contact Finish Thickness - Mating: Flash
Contact Finish - Post: Gold
Contact Material: Brass
Insulation Material: Polyamide (PA), Nylon, Glass Filled
Features: --
Operating Temperature: -55°C ~ 125°C
Ingress Protection: --
Material Flammability Rating: UL94 V-0
Insulation Color: Black
Current Rating: 1A
Voltage Rating: 150VDC
Mated Stacking Heights: --

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Rectangular Connectors - Headers, Male Pins 882-70-006-10-001101

Rectangular connectors are widely used in all types of electronic applications. This type of connector is generally used for data and power transmission between two or more devices, such as notebook computers, gaming devices, server racks, and more. The 882-70-006-10-001101 rectangular connector is a particular type that is found in many commercial and industrial applications. In this article, we will explore the application field and working principle of this particular connector.

Application Field

The 882-70-006-10-001101 rectangular connector has a number of advantages in terms of industrial applications. This type of connector is extremely robust and can withstand the rigors of an industrial environment. The connector is also very reliable and can be used in situations where high voltage or high current is involved.In particular, the 882-70-006-10-001101 connector is used in many electrical sensors and actuators. These devices typically require high transmission power and the 882-70-006-10-001101 connector is able to provide that power in a robust, reliable fashion. The connector is also used in robotic, military, aerospace, and medical applications due to its superior strength and reliability.

Working Principle and Benefits

The 882-70-006-10-001101 rectangular connector works by utilizing a small-form factor connection system. This system consists of two or more mating parts, which are designed to fit in a precise manner. In other words, the 882-70-006-10-001101 connector is designed to fit into two or more mating parts that have precision-cut edges. The precision edges help to ensure that the connector will fit together securely, and that the connection will not be affected by vibrations or external forces.The 882-70-006-10-001101 rectangular connector also has many other benefits. For example, the connector is designed to be highly reliable and efficient. It is also capable of providing excellent electrical contact and a low resistance connection. The connector is also corrosion-resistant and is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.


The 882-70-006-10-001101 rectangular connector is a powerful and reliable piece of technology that is used in many industrial and commercial applications. The connector has a number of advantages, such as its robust design, superior reliability, and corrosion resistance. In addition, the connector is capable of providing high electrical contact and a low resistance connection, making it an ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications.

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