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Manufacturer: PUI Audio, Inc.
Short Description: SMALL SPEAKER KIT
More Detail: Speaker Kit 27 Pieces (9 Values - 3 Each) Surface ...
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Kit Type: Speaker
Quantity: 27 Pieces (9 Values - 3 Each)
Mounting Type: Surface Mount
Specifications: Magnetic

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668-1510-KIT Audio Kit Application Field and Working Principle

Audio kits are a unique type of product used to manipulate sound by using electrical power. The 668-1510-KIT is a variable filter audio kit designed for signal analysis and recording applications. It has a high power rating and can be used in place of a traditional amplifier to provide precise control of audio signals.

The 668-1510-KIT comprises of four main components: the power supply, the pre-amplifier circuit, the low-pass filter and the vented enclosure. The power supply generates the necessary electrical energy to power the entire circuit and provides the necessary heat dissipation for the components. The pre-amplifier circuit amplifies the audio signal coming into the kit, while the low-pass filter removes any signal frequencies above a certain cutoff frequency. Finally, the vented enclosure provides air circulation around the components, helping to dissipate heat.

Applications Field of 668-1510-KIT

The 668-1510-KIT can be used in a variety of applications that require precise signal analysis and recording. It is perfect for studios, where sound engineers will use the kit to filter out unwanted audio frequencies from the mix. It can also be used in live sound applications, to ensure that the audio quality remains crystal-clear. In addition, the kit can be used in broadcast applications or for audio mastering.

Working Principle of 668-1510-KIT

At the heart of the 668-1510-KIT is a dual-core amplifier circuit which is capable of providing up to 50W of power. The amplifier circuit is composed of the two main components: a pre-amplifier circuit and a low-pass filter. The pre-amplifier circuit is responsible for boosting audio signals before they reach the filter, while the low-pass filter is used to cut out audio frequencies above a certain cutoff point.

The two components work together to ensure that only audio frequencies within the desired range pass through. The kit also includes a vented enclosure to provide air flow around the components, as well as reducing the amount of heat generated. This ensures that the components remain cool and efficient.

The 668-1510-KIT is designed to easily integrate with other audio equipment, including mixers, speakers and other signal processors. It is also designed to be easy to use and maintain, ensuring that sound engineers can achieve the best sound quality with minimal effort.


The 668-1510-KIT is an incredibly powerful audio kit designed to provide precise signal analysis and recording. Its dual-core amplifier and low-pass filter ensure that only audio frequencies within the desired range are passed through. The kit is perfect for studios, live sound applications, and audio mastering. Its easy maintenance and integration with other audio-related equipment make it a must-have for any sound engineer.

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