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AMD single bridge A55 chipset motherboard architecture.

Last Update Time: 2019-04-16 11:06:14

The AMD single bridge A55 chipset motherboard architecture is shown in figure 1.


Figure 1 AMD single bridge A55 chipset motherboard architecture diagram.

The management and support functions of the AMDA55 single bridge chipset motherboard are as follows.

①AMD motherboard switch to a single-bridge architecture from 9 series onwards, with A55 chip and AMD FM1CPU. used for the first generation single-bridge motherboard


② FM1 is the next generation of AMD to integrate the GPU display core and the CPU core into a single chip called APU.


③FM1 outputs video signals that support VGA analog signals, HDMI HD multimedia interfaces, and PCI-E X16 standalone video card slots.


④FMI CPU also integrates memory controllers to manage memory to support up to 1866MHz memory. 4FMI internal integrated network control module manages the 100MH Nic chip.


⑤The bridge is referred to as the connection between the FCH, and the APU using the UMI bus.


⑥FCH Management USB 2.0 Interface, USB 3.0 Interface, Sound Card Chip, SATA hard disk Interface, E-SATA external hard disk Interface, PCL-E XI slot, MINI PCI-E slot, and SPI BIOS.


⑦FCH manages the 10 chip through the LPC bus.



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