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Three different level gauge principles and features

Last Update Time: 2019-06-12 14:48:45

First, ultrasonic level gauge

Measuring principle: The liquid level is calculated by measuring the distance from the liquid surface with ultrasonic waves from the opening of the tank top.

Features: It can measure high viscosity liquid and mud without contact with liquid.



1. The pressure vessel cannot be measured;


2. The absorption of ultrasonic waves by the vapor and dust above the liquid surface may not measure the echo;


3. The antenna is immersed in the vapor of the liquid to be tested, and is not suitable for the measurement of self-polymerization, high-purity, flammable, aseptic, corrosion, toxic,high-viscosity liquid.


Safety: It is not safe to measure toxic, corrosion, pressure, and flammable liquids.


Price: low to medium


Second, smart electric float level gauge


Measuring principle: buoyancy principle


Features: measurable interface and liquid level, intelligent.


Disadvantages: Not suitable for measurement of pressure vessels and highly corrosive liquids


Safety: It is not safe to measure pressure, corrosion, toxic, and flammable liquids.

Price: high


Third, ELL-FI external measuring level gauge


Measuring principle: Using microvibration analysis.


Features: No opening, continuous measurement outside the tank, it is completely non-contact measurement, the pressure inside the container is unlimited, and it can measure flammable, high cleanliness, highly toxic, strong corrosive, explosive, self-polymerization and other media. Easy to install, no need to fire, no need to stop production.


Safety: the safest


Price: Medium


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