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Common field effect transistor Slice field effect transistor

Last Update Time: 2018-08-28 17:24:04

Common field effect transistor

1. Low power field effect transistor, low power field effect transistor, high input impedance, low driving current, with low noise characteristics, suitable for pre-voltage amplifier circuit, impedance conversion circuit, oscillation circuit and high-speed switching circuit. The shape of the common low power field effect transistor.

2. Dual-gate field effect transistor (DSFET) has active, drain and two gates, two of which are independent of each other and can be used as high-frequency amplifier, mixer, demodulator and gain control amplifier. The shape of the double gate field effect transistor.

Slice field effect transistor

Flake field effect transistors have the characteristics of high impedance, low noise, large dynamic range and small cross modulation distortion. It is also divided into junction field effect transistor (JFET) and insulated gate field-effect transistor (MOSFET). Among them, JFET is mainly used for small signal occasions, MOSFET is mainly used for small signal occasions, and power amplification or driving occasions.

The shape of FET is very similar to that of transistors. Field effect transistors G, S and D are equivalent to transistors of B, E and C poles.

(1). Flaky JFET

Flake JFET has MMFJ309IJ1 (N channel) in the VHF/UHF RF amplifier.

The model code is 6U).

For general small signal amplification, there are MMF54 and S7LT1 (N channels).

M6E) and so on. They are usually used as impedance converters or preamplifiers.

(2). Flaky MOSFET

The greatest feature of the chip MOSFET is its excellent switching characteristics, and its conduction resistance is very low, usually several to several ohms, and only a few to tens of milliohms. Therefore, the tube consumption is small, and the small size flake device has greater power output. At present, power MOSFET is widely used as a driver, DC / DC converter, servo / stepping motor control, power load switch, solid-state relay and charger control.