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How to use the universal bridge meter for measuring capacitance?

Last Update Time: 2019-01-28 13:39:44

Connect the measured capacitor Cx to the terminal. The toggle switch is placed in the “1 kHz” position. The measurement selector switch is placed in the “C” position. The estimated capacitance of the capacitor is measured.

The range switch is placed in the appropriate position. For example ,560pF capacitor, the range switch should be placed in 1000pF, the loss override switch should be placed at “D×0.01” (general capacitance), if the large electrolytic capacitor should be placed “D×1”, the loss balance switch should be placed at “1” The loss fine adjustment knob is set to “0”, adjust the sensitivity knob so that the meter indication is less than the full scale, first adjust the two reading plates of the bridge, then adjust the loss balance, make the meter pointer zero, and then gradually increase the bridge sensitivity. Repeatedly adjust the bridge reading plate and loss balance until the sensitivity reaches the maximum, the meter pointer points to zero or close to zero, then the bridge is considered to have reached the balance, record the bridge reading and loss balance indicator.

According to the formula: Cx = range switch reading * (first reading plate value + second reading plate value) and Dx = loss rate switch value * loss balance indicator value, the measured capacitance capacity and loss value can be obtained.


For example, the range switch is 100 pF, the loss override switch is placed at D × 0.01, the first reading of the bridge reads 0.5. The second read teaches the reading as 0.025, and the loss balance indicator is 1.5. The measured capacity is measured. Cx=10000*(0.5+0.025)=525pF, the loss of capacitance Dx=0.01*1.5=0.015.


If you can't estimate the capacitance and loss, put the range switch at 100pF, the first reading plate is set to “0”, the second reading plate is placed at “0.05”, and the sensitivity is adjusted so that the meter indicates At 50uA, turn the range switch and observe the meter indication. If the meter indicates the minimum when it is adjusted to a certain range, stop at this block, adjust the second reading pad to make the meter indicate zero, and then gradually increase the bridge sensitivity. Adjust the loss balance and the second reading dial to make the meter zero or close to zero. At this point, the rough measurement value of the capacitor is obtained. According to the rough measurement value, the appropriate range is measured to measure the accurate capacity and loss of the capacitor.

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