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How to use a electronic constant temperature heat gun?

Last Update Time: 2019-01-28 13:41:57

Electronic thermostatic heat gun is one of the best tools for removing multi-pin components



Figure 1 Electronic constant temperature heat gun shape


The shape of the electronic constant temperature heat gun is shown in Figure 1. The difference from the gas type heat gun is that it uses the air pump to blow out the heat generated by the heating wire. The temperature is controlled by the electronic temperature controller, which is convenient to use and temperature controllable. It has a variety of soldering iron tips for soldering various integrated circuits.


The usage is described as follows.

(1) Remove the integrated block.

Select the nozzle that matches the size of the integrated circuit block and loosen the nozzle screw. After the device nozzle, press the power switch, adjust the airflow and temperature control button, insert the extractor under the integrated circuit block. If the width of the integrated circuit block does not match the size of the extractor steel wire, the width of the steel wire can be extruded to accommodate. Hold the welding torch so that the nozzle is aligned with the part of the flux to be melted, allowing the hot gas to melt the flux.

The nozzle does not touch the integrated circuit block. When the flux melts, lift the extractor, remove the integrated circuit block, and remove the flux residue with a suction or suction pump.


(2) Welding method.

Apply a proper amount of solder paste, place the integrated block on the circuit board, and spray hot air to the lead frame for soldering.


(3) Maintenance method.

A common fault is that the heating material is damaged. When replacing, loosen the clamping handle screw and remove the wire tube. Open the handle and take out the tube. The tube is equipped with quartz glass and thermal insulator. Do not drop or lose. Loosen the terminal, take out the heating material, insert new heating material, do not rub the heating material wire, and reconnect the terminal. According to the reverse procedure when disassembling, you can install back the handle.

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