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What are the problems with internal heat soldering irons and how to repair them?

Last Update Time: 2019-01-28 17:41:29

1. Iron core.

The iron core has a high failure rate due to long-term operation. When replacing, first remove the soldering iron tip, clamp the bakelite connecting rod with pliers, loosen the handle, loosen the terminal post screw, and remove the power cord and the bad iron core. Carefully place the new core into the core housing from the nozzle of the terminal block, and the insertion position should be the same as the other end of the core housing. After the core is placed, the two leads of the core and the power lead are wound together on the terminal, and the handle and the tip are good.


2.Iron head

After a certain period of time, the tip will burn and become very small and cannot be tinned. So it requires a new one at this moment.

Unplug the old tip and replace it with a suitable one. If it is too tight, the spring can be removed. If it is too loose, it can be clamped with a pliers before it is installed.

 The tip of the soldering iron is preferably made of a copper rod. It is not advisable to use a core such as copper. The distinction between the two is that the hand-made has a ring-shaped pattern, and the core does not.


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