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What is the ATX power?

Last Update Time: 2019-03-11 13:43:25

No appliance can work without power, and desktop computers are certainly no exception.

 in a desktop computer, it is the "ATX" power that directly supplies it with power. Historically, the ATX power supply was actually developed on the basis of an earlier "AT" power supply (which has been phased out).

 through the observation of any ATX power supply, it is not difficult to find that the ATX power supply is in fact an ac market 220v (some of which can be switched to ac market 110v through mechanical switches) as input. An AC/DC converter with + 12v, + 5v, 3.3v DC outputs, 5VSB DC outputs and PG (power good), PSON (power supply on) signals as outputs.

 the circuit hidden inside the ATX (cuboid shell made of galvanized plate or nickel-plated plate) needs to complete two tasks: one is to complete the AC/DC transformation from 220V to + 12V, + 5V, 3.3V, and 5VSB from AC market power 220V to + 12V, + 5V, 3.3V, 5VSB; the second is to provide a PSON switch signal to control the start and stop of the ATX power supply, and output an indication signal PG indicating that the output of the ATX power supply is already normal after the start of the ATX power supply. Each pin on.

The ATX power output terminal is numbered in a fixed order, and the color of the cable used by the output terminal also has a clear meaning that a specific frontal color corresponds to a specific output voltage or signal. The ordering number of each pin of the ATX power output terminal and the color of the cable used corresponds to the output voltage as shown in figure 1


Figure 1 shows the pin number and the relationship between the color of the cable used and the output voltage.

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