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Transformers on the ATX power supply board.

Last Update Time: 2019-03-15 11:32:04

After opening the ATX power housing, you can observe that there are a large number of basic components and a number of chips on the ATX power board. The most striking is the appearance and volume of several transformers that are significantly different from the basic components and chips.

As the name implies, the transformer plays a voltage-changing role in the ATX process of AC/DC energy conversion.


Considering that AC market 220V is a higher voltage and that the output of each group of ATX power supplies (up to 12V and-12V at the lowest), it can be assumed that the transformer used by the ATX power supply must be a step-down transformer.


The transformer in the ATX power supply is not an ordinary transformer, but a switching transformer. As opposed to  AC transformers, AC transformers are not covered in this article.

Through disassemble a number of ATX power supplies, and the summary can be found: on any ATX power board installed with two three transformers, they vary in size, naturally should also have different functions. One of the largest, called the "main transformer" here, the other transformers are directly or indirectly to serve the main transformer.


Overall, the performance of the ATX power supply main transformer is closely related to its length (and height), as shown in figure 1.


Figure 1


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