How to measure capacitance capacity?

Last Update Time: 2019-11-09 10:29:13

The capacitance capacity can be measured by a multimeter or capacitance meter, but the capacitance block range of the multimeter is limited. Capacitance meter is a kind of instrument specially used for capacitance capacity measurement.

If the capacitance capacity exceeds the range of the multimeter, it is impossible to use the multimeter to judge its good or bad more accurately, but the diode block can still be used to judge its good or bad. The method of judging is based on the charge and discharge principle of capacitance. The specific process is as follows: first of all, using the multimeter pen to contact both ends of the capacitance, the multimeter indication should gradually become larger from a positive number, and finally become infinite 1: to adjust the pen order, contact the two ends of the capacitance again, the multimeter indication should change from a negative number to a positive number, and finally to infinity 1. If the capacitance capacity is too small, then the charge and discharge process cannot be reflected by the multimeter, at this time, the capacitance meter should be used instead.


Figure 1 is a demonstration diagram of measuring capacitance capacity with capacitance meter: capacitance nominal 1000uF, withstand voltage 6.3V.

An adjustable power supply can also be used to determine whether the capacitance is leaking. The positive pole of the adjustable power supply is connected directly to the capacitance (positive pole), and the negative pole of the adjustable power supply is connected to the capacitance (negative pole). The output voltage of the adjustable power supply is adjusted to a reasonable value below its breakdown voltage, and then the capacitance leakage is judged according to the current meter reading of the adjustable power supply.

Fig. 1 Measurement of capacitance capacity with capacitor meter.

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