The application of capacitors on motherboard

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A capacitor is a component that holds a charge and is represented by the letter C. Capacitors have the functions of charging and discharging. In mainboard circuits, capacitors are mainly used for power supply filtering, signal coupling, resonance and so on. In circuit diagrams, the capacitance is usually represented by the symbols shown in figure 1. The mainboard of the desktop uses a straight-in capacitor (see figure 2) and a chip-mounted capacitor. The direct-inserted capacitor is mostly used in the filter of power supply circuit, and the filter capacitor has positive and negative electrodes. If the positive and negative electrodes are installed, the capacitance will be damaged and the capacitor will explode seriously. The capacitor case has a white or marked one foot as a capacitor negative pole, no mark one foot as a positive pole. The common polarity of the direct capacitor is electrolytic capacitance, solid-state capacitance.


          aNonpolar capacitance     bPolar capacitance

                        Fig.1 Capacitance symbo


                      Fig.2 Direct-inserted capacitance


Note: when installing motherboard capacitors, the positives and negatives of the capacitors on the motherboard should be carefully measured to prevent reverse mounting. Ordinary motherboard PCB has a white shadow is negative, Asustek and Hua Qing motherboard capacitive position of the opposite, white shadow is positive at one end, should be very careful installation.

According to the appearance, the patch capacitor (see figure 3) can be divided into two types: single capacitance and row capacity. The patch capacitor is used not only for filtering, but also for coupling, resonance, voltage-up and so on.


                        Fig.3 MLCC


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