The classification of capacitors

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Capacitors are widely used in electronic devices, one of the electronic components, widely used in isolation, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning circuit, energy conversion, control circuit, etc.

Using C to denote the capacitor, its units are farad ( F ), microfarad (uF ), Pifara ( pF ), 1F = 1,000,000 uF = 1,000,000,000,000pF.


The classification of capacitors

 ( 1 ) According to the structure can be divided into three categories, that is, fixed capacitors, variable capacitors and fine-tuning capacitors.


( 2 ) According to the electrolyte can be divided into organic dielectric capacitor inorganic dielectric capacitor, electrolytic capacitor and air dielectric capacitor, etc.


( 3 ) Depending on purpose, it can be divided into high frequency bypass, low frequency bypass, filtering, tuning, high frequency coupling, low frequency coupling and small capacitor.


( 4 ) Depending on polarity can be divided into polar and non-polar capacitors.

Electrolytic capacitors and tantalum capacitors are the most commonly used polar capacitors, and there are many types of non-polar capacitors, such as ceramic capacitor, glass Glaze Capacitors, etc.


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