What should be pay attention when installing a capacitor on a board?

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Install a capacitor on the board


 1.The electrolytic capacitor is polar,so it has a polarity mark on the housing . The polarity direction of the capacitor must be the same as the  direction indicated on the board.


Polar capacitors have their polarity indicated on their component body when they are inserted into the board. Normally, the positive electrode is marked with a "+".

A positive point is also can be indicated by a dot, a thin end, a notched end, and one end of a long pin. Others are marked with a negative electrode.

The pin hole of the positive electrode position of the electrolytic capacitor on the circuit board is marked with a "+" mark or a dot.


Pay attention to the polarity when plugging the capacitor. After the capacitance of all radial pins is inserted, the smaller the distance between the root of the pin and the board, will be better. When the capacitor pin is covered with an insulating protective layer, the insulating protective layer cannot be inserted into the hole. If the hole on the board is not as wide as the body of the component, the pin should be filled with an insulating hose. If the distance between the two holes on the board is too wide, an insulating hose should also be added.


The picture shows polarity mark on the electrolytic capacitor housing below:

Electrolytic capacitor : EEE-0JA220SR




 2. Ceramic capacitors are very brittle, and care should be taken when inserting them to avoid damage. When the axial lead capacitor is inserted into the board, the component body should be in the middle of the two holes.


      If the distance between the two holes is not as long as the body length of the component, the component's pins can be shaped to achieve the purpose of mounting.

If the capacitor's pin and its nearby components may be short-circuited, the component pins can be pinned. The method of casing prevents short circuits.


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