Precautions for crimping connectors

Last Update Time: 2019-07-12 11:39:15

Precautions for crimping connectors

This article describes some precautions for crimping connectors


In the mobile phones, computers and other electronic products we use, we use a lot of crimp connectors. Generally, these connectors are very small and precise. The quality and manufacturing process problems need special attention. Otherwise, the connection is not easy to connect. On or off contact, etc., so be sure to pay attention.


When crimping the connector, you should select the appropriate wire. Before connecting, you must first make sure that it is crimped according to the instructions. The manual has detailed installation precautions. Follow the steps when installing.


1. The dimensions of the connectors and wires must meet the requirements, as specified in the instructions.


2. The appearance should be tested after crimping, and the tested items should be adjusted according to the different types of crimping.


3, the depth of crimping should pay attention to, the different combinations of crimping is not the same, professionals must strictly check, sometimes a little careless, it will lead to unqualified products, easy to bring unnecessary losses.


4. The height of the connector to be closed when crimping should be correct. Place it on the correct position. The pressure joint should not have a thread on the top and bottom. The air pressure should also be within the specified range.


5, the choice of connector, the quality of the connector is a key issue, it is directly related to the yield of crimping, some of the terminal coating is too thick will lead to riveting is not tight, too thin and easy to crush and other conditions, the quality is not up to standard, Poor contact, insufficient insertion force and other conditions will occur, so the choice of connector is a special concern.


Crimp connectors are very common, and their quality is related to the quality and performance of the product. In the production process, we must pay attention to the above points, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. Of course, for those engaged in this industry, the problems that need attention should be far more than these, and we need to constantly learn to pay attention to the details.


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