Common socket and its function

Last Update Time: 2018-12-14 15:23:26


The connection of many electronic devices and circuits in the  electronics is done through the socket.

The integrated circuit socket can be welded on the circuit board, it can be removed conveniently.

The connector is used to connect the cable or to play a connecting role on an electronic device, which can be repeatedly connected and separated.

The connector is composed of a plug and a socket.

1. The same core connector with the core connector is a small plug seat connector, the volume is relatively small, and sometimes there are switching functions. It is suitable for low frequency circuit, which is used in the connection of earphone, microphone and external power supply.

2. Printed board connector printed board connectors, also known as printed board connectors, are mainly used for direct connection of printed circuit boards, and the structural forms are direct, the model can be divided into single and double rows, the number of leads is 7 to 100, and some are more than 100. From the mainboard of the computer is the easiest to see.

3. Ribbon cable connector ribbon cable is a flat cable that looks from the outside like dozens of plastic wires bonded together side by side. The ribbon cable takes up less space, light and flexible, and the wiring is convenient, which is not easy to be confused. The ribbon cable plug is a connector at both ends of the cable, which is connected with the cable without welding, but relies on the pressure to cause the knife edge inside the connecting end to pierce the insulation layer of the cable electrical connection, the process is simple and reliable. The socket part of the ribbon cable connector is directly assembled and welded on the printed circuit board.

4. Circular connector. The circular connector is also called the air plug and socket. It has a standard screw locking mechanism with many contacts, large pulling force, convenient connection, excellent anti vibration, and easy to realize the requirements of the electromagnetic shielding of waterproof sealant. It is suitable for large current connection and is applied to circuit boards and equipment that do not need to be inserted frequently.

5. Rectangular connector.

The rectangular connector has larger volume and larger current capacity, and rectangular arrangement can make full use of space. Used for electrical connection of electronic equipment, intelligent instrument and electronic control equipment.

6. Radiofrequency coaxial connector. The RF coaxial connector has the characteristics of small volume, light weight and convenient use, and is suitable for high frequency circuits of radio equipment and electronic instruments.