What are the main application areas of pin headers and female headers?

Last Update Time: 2019-07-01 18:06:29

Nowadays, there are more and more fields and industries for pin headers and female headers. What are the main application areas of pin headers and female headers?


Although the pin header and the female header have hot-swap specifications, the current pin headers are designed for internal hard disks. The maximum number of plug-ins is only about 200 times. If the number of plugs is exceeded, the pin headers will deteriorate. It may even cause damage to the hard disk. Even for pin headers for external applications, the number of insertions and removals is still only about 2,500 times.


Under the double push of technology advancement and cost reduction, the pin header technology strength and industrial status will determine the speed of development of related companies. Because the emergence of new technologies requires electronic companies to keep up with the pace of technological progress, and the status of the industry determines the position of enterprises in the upstream and downstream price negotiations.


Improve production process pin headers and female headers simplify the assembly process of electronic products. It also simplifies the mass production process and is easy to repair. If an electronic component fails, the defective component can be quickly replaced when the pin header and the female header are installed, and the component can be updated as the technology advances.


In recent years, the market demand for pin headers and female headers has maintained a high-speed growth situation. The emergence of new materials and new technologies has also greatly promoted the application level of the industry. At present, the development trend of pin headers and female headers is getting better and better. And realize their value in different fields.


In view of the miniaturization and intelligent level of pin header and female header technology, the integration of various functions and the integration of information based on information acquisition is an inevitable trend. Multi-pin and female header data fusion technology also promotes this. The development of a technology. Integrate multiple similar or different types of pin headers distributed in different locations with the local data resources provided by the female header, analyze them by computer technology, eliminate redundant and contradictory information between the information, complement each other, and reduce its Uncertainty, obtain consistent interpretation and description of the measured object, thereby improving the speed and correctness of system decision-making, planning, and response, so that the system can obtain more complete information. Its information fusion appears at different information levels, including data layer fusion, feature layer fusion, and decision layer fusion.


Because it has the following advantages over single pin header and female header information, namely fault tolerance, complementarity, real-time and economy, it is gradually popularized and applied. In addition to military applications, the application field has been applied to automation technology, robotics, marine surveillance, seismic observation, construction, air traffic control, medical diagnosis, remote sensing technology and so on.