What are the parameters of inverter?

Last Update Time: 2019-05-23 11:56:26

The parameter setting of the inverter is very important during the commissioning process. Many users who use the inverter for the first time, because they do not fully understand the meaning of these parameters, plus the listed setting parameters are more, there are some overwhelming how to set the parameters of the inverter. For these users, you need to master the basic knowledge of the inverter parameter setting: which parameters need to be set before the test run; which parameters need to be adjusted during operation and the appropriate range of adjustment; how to prevent the frequency conversion caused by improper parameter setting during the debugging process Damage to the device and so on.


  • Classification of inverter parameters

1, do not have to adjust the parameters that can maintain the factory settings

2. pre-set parameters before commissioning

3. parameters that need to be adjusted during trial operation


  • Commonly used inverter parameters are

1. control method:

2, the minimum operating frequency:

3, the highest operating frequency:

4, carrier frequency:

5, motor parameters:

6, frequency hopping:

7, acceleration and deceleration time

8, torque boost

9, electronic thermal overload protection

10, frequency limit

11, bias frequency

12, frequency setting signal gain

13, torque limit


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