What are the performance characteristics of the piezoelectric ceramic buzzer and how to detect it?

Last Update Time: 2018-12-25 10:39:23


The piezoelectric ceramic buzzer is usually made of zirconium titanate or lead magnesium acid lead piezoelectric ceramic material. The silver electrode is plated on both sides of the ceramic plate, and after polarization and aging, it is bonded with a brass sheet ( or stainless steel sheet ) into an electroacoustic element by epoxy resin. When the full voltage is applied on both sides of the polarization direction, the alternating Telecom makes the piezoelectric ceramic drive the metal sheet to generate bending vibration, and make a loud noise.

The piezoelectric ceramic buzzer is characterized by small size, light weight, thin thickness, low power consumption, high reliability, 120dB sound and low cost.


2.detect the piezoelectric ceramic buzzer


 ( 1 ) To check the appearance of the piezoelectric ceramic loudspeaker, also called the crystal loudspeaker, mainly to check whether the surface of the piezoelectric film is damaged or not, cracking, wire bonding and virtual welding.


( 2 ) " Piezoelectric effect " is not easy to measure its DC impedance, but it can be detected by the inverse process of " piezoelectric effect ". The multimeter ( both digital and pointer type ) is placed in the microampere block, and the positive and negative electrodes of the two pens are respectively connected to the two poles of the piezoelectric strip, then use the pencil's rubber head to gently press flat on the table or on the glass plate of the piezoelectric piece, watch the meter pointer is swinging. If the needle has a clear swing, indicating that the piezoelectric piece is in good condition, otherwise the piezoelectric plate failure.

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