How is embedded technology applied in life?

Last Update Time: 2021-03-26 10:32:03

Nowadays, with the fiery IT industry, embedded has become one of the IT industry hotspots. Embedded technology performs dedicated functions and is controlled by internal computers. Embedded systems cannot use general-purpose computers and run solidified software, which is firmware in terms. It is difficult or impossible for end users to change the firmware. In life, the embedded application industry that we commonly use is relatively extensive. Embedded is hot in today, these points are inseparable from us.


With the popularization and development of embedded systems and robot technology, the functions of robot bodies tend to be more modular, intelligent, and miniaturized. At the same time, the price of robots has also dropped significantly, making them more widely used in military, industrial, household and medical fields. For example, a "medical service robot" has recently been developed in China, and its core components are mainly composed of CPLD and multiple EMCUs. It can separate the brain from the robot body and place it in the mother environment, and use wireless communication to interact with the body; the cerebellum in the service robot body specifically receives various commands sent by the robot brain, controls various execution and perception mechanisms of the robot, and then realizes The functions of the robot modules coordinate with each other.


Military defense field

Military defense has always been an important application area for embedded systems. In the 1970s, embedded computer systems were used in weapon control systems and later used in military command control and communication systems. At present, various weapon control devices (control devices such as artillery, missile and smart bomb guided detonation), tanks, ships, bombers, land, sea and air military electronic equipment, radar, electronic countermeasure equipment, military communication equipment, field command and combat Embedded systems can be seen in all kinds of special equipment. Weapons that use embedded technology have played an important role for the US military in the Iraq war.

Medical equipment

The application penetration rate of embedded systems in medical instruments is extremely high. During the design process, reprogramming the embedded system as needed can avoid front-end tape out (NRE) costs, reduce ASIC-related order quantities, and reduce the tremendous risk of chip trial production. In addition, with the development of standards or when requirements change, it can also be updated in the field, and designers can repeatedly use a common hardware platform to build different systems based on a basic design to support various functions, which greatly reduces Cost of production. The product has a long life cycle, can protect the medical instrument from being too fast, and the product life cycle of the medical industry is relatively long, so this feature is very important. Modern digital medical instruments and equipment not only include diagnostic equipment, but also data storage servers and interface software. The embedded system can provide advanced technical support for the design, production and use of medical instruments and equipment.

Today, the development of embedded systems has entered the era of great integration, and its characteristics are as follows:

Communication, computer and consumer electronics (3C) integration-tend to have no independent 3C, only integrated 3C, namely information products (IA);

Digital analog fusion, micro-electromechanical fusion, circuit board silicon chip fusion and hardware and software design fusion-trend SoC: and SiP;

The development of the embedded machine has also changed from traditional hardware-based to software-based;

Intense market competition and technological progress call for the emergence of novel product development platforms, especially SoC development platforms.

With the continuous development of embedded technology, embedded systems will be more widely used in all aspects of human life.


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