How to detect whether a signal amplifier is installed in the environment?

Last Update Time: 2021-05-05 11:01:48

Signal amplifier refers to the effective expansion of the signal through the electronic circuit with power amplification function, so that the signal has the ability to transmit further. There are two types of signal amplifiers for home use, one is for indoor WiFi signal amplification, and the other is for rubbing neighbor networks. The first way is understandable, the second way is more hateful.


So, is there a way to detect whether a signal amplifier is installed next door? The answer is yes. There are two methods for detecting whether a signal amplifier is installed in the neighbor. According to the use method of the neighbor amplifier, it can be divided into two detection methods. Frequency interference problem; One is that the signal amplifier installed by the neighbor is mainly used for rubbing the network, using your network to surf the Internet.

So, let's take a look at how these two detection methods are implemented!

The first way, although the neighbor's signal amplifier does not use our network, but the signal amplifier is relatively powerful and also uses wireless WiFi transmission, it will cause the problem of co-frequency interference to our normal WiFi network.

You can use WirelessMon software to scan and view the channel frequency band used by nearby wireless signals. If there is a problem of co-channel interference, you can log in to the router and change the current frequency band to the three frequency bands that do not interfere with each other. Or it can be optimized by the channel automatic optimization function that comes with the router to avoid the problem of co-frequency interference generated by the signal developer.


In the second way, neighbors rubbed our network through signal amplifiers. Since it is rubbing the network, the signal amplifier is already logged in through the wireless ID and password of the wireless router. In the router's device management, you can view the logged-in device. Once you find a strange device to log in, you can disable it and pull it into the device blacklist.

The signal development device is just a wireless expansion relay device, and the initiative is still in your router. It can even perform various operations such as network speed limit and time limit.


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