What are the benefits of cloud storage of data?

Last Update Time: 2020-09-03 10:17:54

      Cloud storage is a kind of online online storage (English: Cloud storage) model, that is, data is stored on multiple virtual servers usually hosted by a third party, rather than a dedicated server, Cat Cloud Mass Storage System (MOS) is autonomous An unstructured data storage management platform developed to support central and edge storage. After years of large-scale user verification, the platform has entered the ranks of advanced technology and is widely used in various scenarios for mass data management.

      High reliability, Cat Cloud has industry-leading erasure code storage solutions, which can provide up to 16 9 data reliability. Easy to expand, unlimited storage space, no need to worry about capacity expansion, can achieve elastic scalability of storage requirements, and improve business flexibility. Storage acceleration. Cat Cloud edge storage can make full use of available link bandwidth, and data upload and download at edge nodes can speed up by more than 60% on average.


      Edge computing, which integrates edge computing and edge cache services nearby, and edge storage nodes have local data processing capabilities. Storage areas, East China, Southwest China, South China, North China, North America, Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, Europe, Practical groups, portals, industry websites, government websites, e-commerce malls, short videos, audio / video streaming , Sites with more images and videos.

      The centuries-old problems that cloud storage can solve. Many of the functions and performance provided by cloud storage are designed to meet the storage challenges that accompany the growth of massive inactive data: 

      1. As the capacity grows, linearly expand performance and access speed. 

      2. Migrate data stores to distributed physical sites on demand. 

      3. Ensure that the data storage is highly adaptable and self-healing, and can be stored for many years.

      4. Cat Cloud ensures privacy and security in a multi-tenant environment. 

      5. Allow users to scale performance and capacity as needed based on policies and service models. 

      6. Changed the storage purchase mode, charging only the actual storage costs.

      7. Ended the subversive technology upgrade and data migration. Cat cloud storage can achieve scale effects and elastic expansion, reduce operating costs, and avoid waste of resources.


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