Classification and model naming of Integrated Circuits

Last Update Time: 2018-12-13 15:16:20

Integreted Circuit, or IC, which implements components, the combination of circuits and systems. On a very small silicon wafer, a semiconductor process is used to connect many elements, such as diodes, transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc, into and complete a specific electron the electronic circuits that are packaged together in the electronic circuit of the technical function are called integrated circuits.


 Classification of Integrated Circuits

1. According to different functions, the integrated circuits can be divided into analog integrated circuits and digital integrated circuits. ( 1 ) Analog integrated circuits are used to generate, amplify and process various analog Telecom numbers. An analog signal is a signal that varies continuously over time. For example, when a person is talking to Jane, the output of the Audio Telecom is analog signal, radio audio equipment and TV receiver, the amplified audio and TV signals are also analog signals.

( 2 ) Digital integrated circuits are used to generate, amplify and process various digital telecom numbers. A digital signal is a signal that is discrete in terms of time and amplitude, such as a telegraph code signal and a key to produce a Telecom number, the Telecom number is not continuous. This discontinuous Telecom is usually called an electric pulse or a pulse signal. The signal running in the computer is a pulse signal, but these pulse signals all represent the exact and so it's called a digital signal. In electronic technology, it is usually referred to as digital signals that are non-continuous signals other than analog signals. At present, the analog signals are mainly encountered in the maintenance of home appliances or in electronic production; so, the most exposed will be analog integrated circuits.


2. According to the different production process, the integrated circuit can be divided into semiconductor integrated circuit, membrane integrated circuit and hybrid integrated circuit.

( 1 ) Semiconductor integrated circuit refers to the use of a semiconductor process on a silicon substrate, including resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes and other components and has some electricity integrated circuit for road function.

 ( 2 ) Membrane-integrated circuits refer to passive devices such as resistors and capacitors in the form of " film " on insulated objects such as glass or ceramic pieces. The numerical range of passive components can be very wide, and the accuracy can be very high. However, it is not possible to make diodes, transistors and other active devices in the form of " film ", so the application scope of membrane integrated circuits is greatly limited. According to the different thickness of the film, the film integrated circuit is divided into thick film integrated circuit ( the film thickness is 1 ~ 10m ) and the film integrated circuit.

( 3 ) In practical applications, hybrid integrated circuits are mostly applied to passive film circuits with semiconductor integrated circuits or discrete component diodes, transistors and other active devices make it a whole, that is, hybrid integrated circuits. Note : the main problems encountered in the maintenance of home appliances and general electronic manufacturing it is a semiconductor integrated circuit, a thick film circuit and a small amount of hybrid integrated circuits.

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