Classification of integrated circuits

Last Update Time: 2018-12-03 13:18:15

1. Classification by function of use

Integrated circuits vary according to their function, It can be divided into analog integrated circuit (such as operational amplifier regulator audio television circuit, nonlinear circuit), digital integrated circuit (such as microcomputer circuit, memory CMOS circuit, ECL circuit, HL circuit, TTL circuit. DTL circuit), special set. Integrated circuit (such as sensor, communication circuit, electromechanical instrument circuit) interface integrated circuit (such as voltage comparator, level converter, line drive receiver, peripheral driver).

2. Classification by production process

Integrated circuits can be divided into semiconductor integrated circuits and film hybrid integrated circuits according to the fabrication process. Semiconductor integrated circuits include bipolar circuits and MOS circuits NMOS, PMOS, CMOS). A film hybrid integrated circuit includes a thin film integrated circuit, a thick film integrated circuit and a hybrid integrated circuit.

3. Classification by level of integration

Integrated circuits can be divided into small scale integrated circuits and large scale integrated circuits according to their integration level.

Circuits and VLSI.

4. Classification by package shape

According to the packaging shape, integrated circuit can be divided into vertical flat fan flat type, circular, double-row straight insert type, integrated circuit packaging materials can be plastic ceramic glass, metal and so on.

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