What types and applications are machine vision LED light sources?

Last Update Time: 2020-05-08 09:55:00

      A typical machine vision system includes: light source, lens, camera, image processing software, and more. The visual light source is an indispensable part of the machine vision system, and its choice directly affects the quality and application effect of the input data. The following is a brief introduction to the types of machine vision light sources and related applications. 


      1. Ring LED Vision Light Source: The ring light source is a high-brightness LED light source designed for machine vision, industrial inspection and industrial stereo microscope. It has adjustable brightness, low temperature, balanced, no flicker, no shadow, and unique embedded structure. Users can add polarizers as needed to reduce light interference and significantly improve image quality. They are widely used in industrial microscopy, circuit board lighting, chip and workpiece inspection, and visual positioning systems. 

Second, machine vision LED backlight: LED backlight is composed of high-brightness, long-life LED light-emitting tube, which can fully highlight the contour information of measuring or detecting objects. The main applications are: contour detection, external detection of electronic components, detection of transparencies Etc. Stain, SOP and CSP inspection, LCD text inspection, small electronic components and QFP, SOP size and shape, bearing appearance and size inspection, semiconductor lead frame appearance and dimensional inspection. 

      Third, the machine vision LED strip light source: strip light source is suitable for the surface illumination of large objects to be detected, can provide oblique illumination of the matching object from any angle, has high brightness distribution in the strip structure, widely used in metal surface inspection , surface crack inspection, film and paper packaging damage detection, pin flatness, LCD damage detection, positioning mark detection, LED defect inspection. 

      Fourth, machine vision LED square tilt light source: square light source is arranged on the four sides of the strip light, each side can independently control the lighting and angle, adapt to different height applications, to achieve high-precision lighting. Mainly used for LCD panel label inspection, exterior and crack detection of ceramic packages, QFC, SOP inspection, metal sheet surface inspection, etc. 

      V. Machine vision diffuse reflection dome light source: The light emitted by the shadowless light source LED is reflected by the diffuse reflection plate of the hemispherical inner wall multiple times to realize the diffuse light illumination in the full space area, which plays a special role for the uneven surface detection. Completely eliminates shadows, mainly for surface detection of spherical or curved object defects, metallic, mirror or glass. 

      Sixth, machine vision coaxial light source: coaxial light source provides alignment and surface inspection illumination for highly reflective surface, such as scratch inspection of metal surface, film, chip, film and glass, chip and silicon chip damage detection , surface damage of the glass plate, pattern detection of the PC mother board, graphic inspection of the printing plate, and the like. 

      VII. Machine vision LED fiber optic cold light source: machine vision highlight LED fiber optic cold light source adopts high power LED, has good fiber coupling efficiency, detection source of industrial semiconductor and integrated circuit board, observation and analysis illumination, visual illumination, temperature requirement Special occasions. 

      LED visual light source has the advantages of adjustable brightness, low temperature, balance, no flicker, no shadow, uniform brightness, color temperature and long service life. 

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