How to detect , repair and replace inductance the ordinary coil?

Last Update Time: 2018-12-01 09:58:56

l  How to detect the ordinary inductance coil?

 In the design of electronic circuits, it is often necessary to measure the quality and inductance of various coils. Usually the measurement inductance is measured by a power factor meter, that is, a Q meter or a bridge tester, but these instruments are very difficult for individuals to own. There are many ways to measure inductance with a multimeter. The winding of the inductive element can be detected by the electric barrier of the multimeter.

( 1 ) In the road detection, the pointer type multimeter is installed with RX1 block or RX 10 block, and both ends of the red and black stylus contact coil are directed to be turned on, otherwise, the coil will be broken.

 ( 2 ) Not in the road detection, the inductive element is welded on the circuit board, or directly removed, and the pointer type multimeter is transferred to the RX12 block and the accurate zero is adjusted, measure the resistance at both ends of the coil. If the coil with a thin line or a large number of turns, the pointer should be more obvious swing, like a few ohms to + a few ohms; if the resistance is significantly smaller, then the coil turn short circuit. If the coil diameter is relatively thick, the resistance value is less than 10, and the RX1 block of the pointer type multimeter is not easy to read, and the digital multimeter can be changed to an ohmic gear with a small value, the resistance value of about 10 can be measured accurately. It should be noted that the value of the DC resistance of the measured inductor is related to the diameter of the enameled wire and the winding number of the wound inductor coil, as long as the resistance value can be measured, it can be considered that the measured inductor is normal.


l  How to repair and replace the inductance coil?

 ( 1 ) Detection method Inductance coil fault is mainly short circuit and open circuit fault. If you can find the fault point, you can poke the short-circuit point, open the way with soldering iron can be.

( 2 ) the substitution of the inductance coil in the repair, if it is found that a certain inductance is damaged, and there is no inductance replacement with the same specification, can be used in series, the method of parallel inductance is used for emergency treatment. The inductance series formula is used to convert the small inductance into the large inductance. The inductance series formula is: L=L1+L2+L3+.....