Multi-turn potentiometer and single-turn potentiometer

Last Update Time: 2018-12-10 11:01:32

Potentiometers are: wirewound potentiometer, synthetic carbon film potentiometer, organic solid potentiometer, metal glass glaze potentiometer, conductive plastic potentiometer.Although there are many kinds of wirewound potentiometers, whether it is a single-turn wirewound potentiometer or a precision wirewound potentiometer, whether it is a single-turn fine-tuning wirewound potentiometer or a multi-turn fine-tuning wirewound potentiometer, its mechanical life is generally only tens Ten thousand times or even lower, for example, the mechanical life of the 3590S multi-ring type is about 10,000 times.Synthetic carbon film potentiometers, also known as "printed carbon film potentiometers", whose resistors are made of carbon black, graphite, quartz powder, organic binders, etc., printed on glued wood or fiberglass boards. .


The advantages of multi-turn potentiometers

If one of the two 10K potentiometers is a normal type and the other is only a multi-turn potentiometer (set to 10 turns), the resistance change of the latter is 1/10 of the former when the handle is rotated at the same angle, so the latter has high adjustment accuracy. The function of the potentiometer and the adjustable resistor is: where the output demand is variable, such as an adjustable voltage regulator source, and the adjustment of the operating point, such as the trimming of the triode, if the latter is adjusted, the fixed resistor is used instead of the adjustable resistor value. There is no fixed resistance stability due to unstable contact resistance.