Process document

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Process document

Pipeline production process documents.

process route list.The process route table is used for the arrangement and scheduling of product production,which reflects the whole process of product preparation from blank to finished product.The process route table is used by the relevant departments of the enterprise as the basis for organizing the production.When filling in,the direction indicator line is used to show the assembly relationship of parts, components and whole parts;the number of " parts consumption " and " machine consumption " is filled out with the corresponding quantity of the product Mingyue;the name and code name of each department ( workshop ) and its process in the process of processing are filled out in the column of "Process Route Table".

Work Instruction Card. The job instruction card is an important process document for post operation.The job instruction card is used to describe how to do a specific process station on the production line,including the steps of preparing the work,the main job, and the completion of the work content.Use the work instruction card to standardize the operation,to ensure the quality of production;on the other hand, the process can be avoided to be too cumbersome.When certain operational details of the post must be specified in words,you should use the form of job instruction card,and the job guide card is shown in Table.

Note as follows :

After the forming of the pin,the component itself can not be injured,can not appear die,indentation and cracks;after the pin is formed,the diameter of the pin decreases or the deformation can not exceed 10 % of the original;finally,if there are solder joints on the pin,there is no bending point between the solder joints and components.The distance between the solder joints and the bending points should be more than 2mm;usually the pin sizes of various components have different basic requirements.

The way of wire forming is to reach the standard of wire forming.In general,the lead forming of components can be made by hand bending and special die bending method.In manufacturing enterprises,most of the plastic surgery is done by machines.Manual bending.Manual bending leads can be made by means of tweezers and sharp nose pliers,and the small one is used for pin shaping,and the manual bending method is shown in Figure.special die bending.The vertical direction of the mold is provided with a long strip hole for inserting the lead of the human element,and a circular hole for inserting the inserting rod is arranged in the horizontal direction.After a long hole is manually bent and inserted into the long hole of the forming die,the lead wire can be formed by the horizontal inserting rod. Then pull out the stick.

Machine Shaping.

The machine shaping of components is done by special plastic machine.For example,the shaping of the triode is shown in Figure.