what is an infrared receiver?

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the identification of the feet will dial the multimeter to the RX1k2 block.First,a black paper is used to cover the transparent window of the photosensitive diode,and the two electrodes of the photosensitive diode are touched by the multimeter red and the black pen.If the multimeter pointer is turned to the right,the electrode is P pole (positive pole),and the electrode connected by the red surface pen is N pole (negative pole).

judging from the foregoing,the forward resistance of the tube is smaller (10~ 20k2), and the reverse resistance is larger (infinity).If the positive and negative resistance values are very small or large, it means that the photodiodes have been broken or open inside,and the tubes are no longer in use.The multimeter is placed in the RX1kQ block, the red surface pen connects to the P pole (positive pole),and removes the shaded black paper,so that the transparent window of the photosensitive diode is directed toward the light source (such as natural light,incandescent lamp or flashlight).The multimeter pointer should be deflected from the infinite position to the right,the greater the deflection angle,the higher the sensitivity of the light sensitive diode.If the tube is aligned with the light source,there is no wobble on the multimeter pointer.It indicates that the light sensitive transistor has been damaged.When using the digital meter to measure,use the diode barrier to insert the corresponding electrode into the human table socket.In the presence of light and light,the indication voltage of the multimeter should be changed to be good and constant.

what is an infrared receiver?

The infrared receiving tube is a semiconductor device used to receive the infrared light wave generated by the infrared light emitting diode and convert it into electrical signal.

Infrared receiving tubes are usually packaged in black resin (black in appearance) to filter out light below 700nm wavelength.To reduce the interference of visible light on its work,the shape and symbol of the common infrared receiving tube are shown in Figure.

When recognizing the pins of the infrared receiving tube,it is possible to observe the smooth surface,and from the left to the right are the positive and negative ones respectively.In addition,there is a small oblique plane on the top of the tube body of the infrared receiving diode.Usually,the pin at the end of the oblique plane is negative,and the other end is the positive pole.