What are the classifications of led control cards?

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About the LED control card, it will be called the LED display control card. This is a foreign device belonging to the LED display that connects the host and the display to complete the data conversion. It is responsible for receiving the screen display information from the serial port of the computer. It is the core component of the LED graphic display.

1.LED control card basic classification

 Asynchronous LED control card

 The asynchronous LED display control card is also known as the offline LED control card or offline card.  Mainly used to display a variety of text, symbols and graphics or animation. The screen display information  is edited by the computer, and is pre-positioned into the frame memory of the LED display screen through the RS232/485 serial port, and then displayed on the screen by screen, and the display mode is colorful and varied. Its main features are: simple operation, low price and wide range of use. The simple asynchronous LED control card can only display digital clocks, text, and special characters. In addition to the function of the simple control system, the graphic asynchronous LED control card has the largest feature of controlling the display screen content by region.



2. Synchronous LED control card

Synchronous LED control card, mainly used to display video, graphics, notifications, etc. in real time. Mainly used for indoor or outdoor full color large screen display. The synchronous LED control card system controls the LED display to work in the same way as the computer monitor. It maps the image on the computer monitor in real time with a refresh rate of at least 60 frames per second, usually with multi-gradation color display capability. Can achieve the effect of multimedia advertising. Its main features are: real-time, rich expression, complicated operation and high price. A set of synchronous LED display control card system generally consists of a sending card, a receiving card, and a DVI graphics card.


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