What is the difference between LED screen and OLED screen structure?

Last Update Time: 2019-07-13 10:51:23

The difference between the LED screen and the OLED screen is not only a letter difference, but the imaging technology of the two is completely different.


LED screen structure is more complicated


LED screens and OLED screens have fundamental differences in the principle of illumination.

The full name of the LED is a light-emitting diode. Like the traditional semiconductor industry, LED display screens are a way of controlling the display of semiconductor light-emitting diodes. They are usually composed of a plurality of red light-emitting diodes, which are dominated by the display of lights, thereby realizing text, graphics, images, and animation. Display screen for various information such as video and video signals. Its process cost is high. In addition, LEDs can only be used in the form of point sources.


OLED does not require a backlight, and the structure is lighter and thinner.


The OLED emits light by driving the organic film itself. OLED is a congenital surface light source technology, and the light emitted can be red, green, blue, white and other monochromatic colors, thereby achieving the effect of full color, belonging to a new principle of illumination. The reason why plasma technology, OLED technology and even the image quality of CRT technology in the early years are praised is mainly because they all have the characteristics of "self-illumination".