What is the prospect of the LCD panel industry?

Last Update Time: 2021-12-08 10:57:58

The development of liquid crystal display panels originated in the United States. In the 1960s, the United States has developed liquid crystal display panels. After many years of experience accumulation and continuous improvement of technology, optimization, etc., the current level of liquid crystal display panel technology There has been a great deal of progress. China's development of the LCD panel industry is relatively late, but the speed of technological progress is relatively fast. It has also become a major producer of LCD panels at present, its output has been steadily increased, and its market share in the world is also constantly increasing improve.

  At present, after years of hard work, the output of LCD panels in my country's mainland has ranked second in the world, the independent core technology has grown rapidly, and the global industrial voice has been continuously strengthened. In terms of LCD TV panels, Chinese mainland panel manufacturers have accounted for 30% of global shipments, reaching 77 million pieces, surpassing the 25.5% market share of Taiwan for the first time, ranking second in the world after South Korea.

  Because of the many advantages of the LCD display, it has penetrated into various fields and has a wide range of applications. The capital market continues to favor the display application industry and continues to penetrate strongly. my country has relatively broad prospects for the development of the LCD panel industry, but from the perspective of the industry's development level, further improvement is needed.

  Although the panel industry has made major breakthroughs, the technology of local manufacturers is still weak, especially in the high-end product field, which imports LCD panels from South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan all the year round. Especially in the development of new technologies, the technological gap with Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese companies is still relatively large, and is still in the stage of technological catch-up overall. Moreover, the self-sufficiency rate of the LCD panel is still low, and the self-sufficiency rate is only 30%. The external dependence of the product is large, which affects the long-term development of the domestic LCD panel industry to a certain extent.


Development trend of LCD panel industry

   First of all, consumer upgrades have driven large-size panels toward a boom. Since 2016, panel prices have bottomed out, showing that the demand for large-size TVs has remained prosperous, which has led to higher prices for large-size panels. From the perspective of the supply and demand of large-size LCD panels, in the first quarter of 2017, as a traditional off-season, the demand for LCD panels under 48 inches has decreased, while the demand for large-size panels such as 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch panels continues to heat up. It can be seen that although the overall growth rate of the panel industry is limited, the growth rate of large-size panel demand has remained relatively high.

  Secondly, with the continuous increase of consumer electronics product holdings in global households, the downstream demand for display panels will maintain a sustained boom, and the demand for diversified panel applications will drive the continuous upgrade of panel technology.

  As Samsung Display shifted its focus to OLDE, the fifth-generation LCD production line was sold to Chinese companies, and the panel industry in mainland China developed rapidly, and the scale of production continued to increase. In the next few years, the LCD focus will gradually shift to China.

   In the next few years, as Chinese companies increase investment, LCD production capacity will continue to grow. It is expected that by 2022, China's LCD display market will reach 103.9 billion yuan.


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