The difference between Metal film resistor and metal oxide film resistor.

Last Update Time: 2019-01-07 11:50:39

l  Metal film resistor

Metal film resistor is usually made of metal or alloy material by high vacuum evaporation on the ceramic body to form a film, this method of production is called vacuum evaporation method, which is the most commonly used method.

The alloy film can also be made by means of high temperature decomposition, chemical deposition and sintering.


(1) Performance characteristics.

Metal film resistor has good stability, good heat resistance, small temperature coefficient, and better voltage coefficient than carbon film resistor. Its operating frequency range is large, and the noise electromotive force is very small, which can be used in high frequency circuit. Under the same power condition, it is much smaller than the carbon film resistor, but the stability of pulse load is poor.


(2)The resistance range is generally 1 ohm ~ 200 Megaohm.


(3) Rated power 1/8W, 1/4W, 1/2W, 1W and 2W. The shape of the metal film resistor is the same as that of the ordinary carbon film resistor.


l  Metal oxide film resistor

Metal oxide film resistors are prepared by depositing tin and antimony and other metal salt solutions onto the surface of a heated ceramic skeleton in a furnace heated to about 550. The conductive film of this resistor is uniform, and the membrane is firmly combined with the skeleton matrix, and some properties are better than the metal film resistors. For example, some metal oxide resistors can work in the ultra high frequency range.

The shape of ordinary metal oxide film resistors is basically the same as that of metal film resistors. The structure is mostly cylindrical and axial leads.


(1) Performance characteristics

Metal oxide film resistor has stronger oxidation resistance than metal film resistor, acid resistance, salt resistance and heat resistance.

Its disadvantage is that the range of resistance is small due to the limitation of material properties and film thickness.


( 2 ) Resistance range:

1ohm to 200kilo-ohm.


( 3 ) Rated power:

1 / 8 ~ 10W, 25 ~ 50 kW


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