There are many kinds of resistor classification resistors

Last Update Time: 2018-10-31 10:53:37

There are many kinds of resistor classification resistors.With the development of electronic technology,the new type of resistor is also increasing.

According to resistance characteristics can be divided into fixed resistance,adjustable resistance,special resistance ( sensitive resistance ).

According to the manufacturing material,it can be divided into carbon film resistor, metal film resistor,wirewound resistor,non-inductive resistor,film resistor and so on.

According to the installation can be divided into plug-in resistance,chip resistor.

By function

It can be divided into load resistance,sampling resistance,shunt resistance,protective resistor and so on.Second,the main parameters of the resistor

Nominal resistance.

The nominal value of the resistor on the resistor is called the nominal value.The nominal values of a, k2,and Mn are annotated according to the standard series formulated by the state,and are not arbitrarily demarcated by the producer,and not all resistance resistors exist.

Permissible deviations.The maximum allowable deviation of the actual resistance of the resistor to the nominal value is called the allowable deviation.Deviation code : J ( 5 % ), K ( 10 % ), I ( 5 % ), II ( 10 % ).

Rated power. Rated power refers to the ambient temperature, assuming that the surrounding air is not in circulation, in the long-term continuous work without damage or basically do not change the performance of the resistor the allowable consumption of power on the resistor.The common ones are W / 16, W / 8, W / 4, W / 2, 1W, 2W, 5W, 10W. 4.Parameter reading

Direct annotation.The direct annotation method is to directly mark the main parameters of the resistor on the outer surface of the resistor.Mainly used in high-power resistors, more intuitive,easy to read.

The method of literal symbols is a method of expressing numbers and words together.The number in front of the text symbol on the outer surface of the resistor indicates the integer resistance of the resistor,and the number behind the character symbol represents the resistance behind the decimal point ;the unit is decided by the character symbol.Mainly used in high power resistance,more intuitive,easy to read.

The color mark method is a method of marking the nominal resistance and allowable deviation on the surface of the resistor by using the color ring of different colors.Mainly used in small cylindrical resistor,marked clear,easy to see.

The digital code method uses three digits to represent the nominal value of a component.From left to right,the first two represent valid digits and the third is 10 " ( n = 0 ~ 8 ). When n = 9 is a special case,the number is.The sign is a resistor of 0 or 000, which means the jumper,and the resistance is 0 n.It is mainly applied to the marking of patch components.