What should be pay attention when installing a resistor on circuit board?

Last Update Time: 2019-01-17 16:22:52

Installation of resistors on the board

The resistor should be mounted parallel to the board and the resistor should be placed in the middle of the two holes in the pad. If the distance between the two holes of the pad on the board is shorter than the length of the resistor, the resistor can be mounted upright, and if there is a possibility of a short circuit, it must be insulated with insulation. A resistor with a power of 2 W or more must not be mounted flat on the board during insertion. There must be a certain distance to prevent the heat from the high-power resistor from burning the line on the board.


Network resistor is a combination of multiple resistors to form a composite resistor.

The polarity network resistor, which can't be reversed during  installation, otherwise it will affect the function. In general, the screen position of the special network is marked with the public foot position (common end, usually indicated by a small white point)

In addition, some also use the number "1" to indicate.


Network resistors and color ring resistors without polarity are required to have both the word side and the error ring in one direction during installation, in order to be uniform.

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