Parameters of environmental monitoring equipment for carbon dioxide sensors and their application in agricultural vegetable greenhouses

Last Update Time: 2019-07-19 11:07:12

We know that all kinds of green vegetables in agricultural vegetable greenhouses need to absorb carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. However, crops in plastic greenhouses have long been in relatively closed places, and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse varies greatly within one day. Therefore, the carbon dioxide deficiency in plastic greenhouses is quite serious, and it has become an important factor affecting the production of plastic greenhouse vegetables. Therefore, the use of carbon dioxide sensors to control concentration has become an important factor affecting crop yields. At present, carbon dioxide sensor environmental monitoring equipment has been used in many agricultural greenhouse facilities. The installation of a carbon dioxide sensor in an agricultural vegetable plastic greenhouse can ensure timely warning of the lack of carbon dioxide concentration, thereby using the gas fertilizer. Ensure that vegetables, edible fungi, flowers, Chinese medicine, etc., provide morning market, high quality and high yield.


When selecting a carbon dioxide sensor environmental monitoring device, the user needs to install according to factors such as the area of the greenhouse. If the greenhouse area is relatively small, the user can install the equipment to the center of the greenhouse, so that only one device can monitor the overall environment in the greenhouse; if the greenhouse area is relatively large, the user needs two or two. The above equipment is used to monitor the entire greenhouse. In the specific installation process of the carbon dioxide sensing device, it is necessary to pay attention to the following small details of the installation. First of all, when installing a device such as a carbon dioxide sensor, the wall installation is the preferred scientific installation method. Of course, the environment of the greenhouse often does not have such a good installation condition, so if the wall installation is impossible, the user can erect one. The steel pipe is then installed by lifting it.


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