What are the characteristics of sensor technology?

Last Update Time: 2019-07-22 11:14:48

Characteristics of sensing technology

1. Wide range of content and discrete

Sensing technology involves a wide range of topics. The basic "effects", "reactions", and "mechanisms" in physics, chemistry, biology, and other disciplines are not only numerous but also independent.


2. Knowledge is highly intensive, and the disciplines of the margins are extremely colorful.

Sensing technology involves almost all science and technology in modern civilization. Different sensors have different working principles. In theory, they are based on physical "effects", chemical "reactions" and biological "mechanisms", and are closely related to many disciplines. In terms of design, manufacturing, application, etc., it involves many aspects such as electrical and electronic technology, mechanical manufacturing technology, chemical and chemical technology, and biotechnology. Therefore, sensing technology is a multidisciplinary, interpenetrating, knowledge-intensive discipline.


3. Excellent function and good performance

The sensor has good functionability and adaptability. It not only has the "five features" function of human beings, but also can detect the information that people's facial features can't feel. At the same time, it can not endure the harsh environment such as high temperature, high pressure and nuclear radiation that humans can't bear. Work under. The sensor has the characteristics of measurement continuity, measurement distance, high sensitivity, high resolution, high precision, wide range and good reliability.


4. Complex technology and difficult process

Sensor manufacturing involves integration technology, thin film technology, superconducting technology, fine or nano processing technology, bonding technology, high sealing technology, special processing technology, and multi-functional, intelligent technology and many other high-tech. Therefore, the manufacturing process of the sensor is difficult. Very large and technically demanding.


5. Wide variety and wide application

There are many kinds of information to be tested in modern information systems. One type of information to be tested can be measured by several sensors, and one type of sensor can measure a variety of information. Therefore, the variety of sensors is widely used, from aerospace, weapons, and transportation. , machinery, electronics, smelting, light industry, chemical, coal, petroleum, environmental protection, medical, bioengineering, etc., to agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, deputy, fisheries, and people's clothing, food, housing, travel and other aspects of life Sensors are used almost everywhere.


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