Daily use habits and maintenance precautions for pure electric vehicles

Last Update Time: 2019-07-13 13:25:12


The biggest difference between a pure electric vehicle and a conventional fuel vehicle is the drive system. If you want to maintain a pure electric car so that it can maintain its peak state, it is necessary to maintain its system, especially the power battery. The following is an introduction to the daily maintenance of power batteries.


1. Maintain good driving habits

The frequency of fast charging is reduced to reduce the overcharge of the power battery. To maintain good driving habits, in order to avoid the problem of over-discharging of the power battery. For example, during normal driving, try not to accelerate and decelerate at the same time, and do not stop at high speed, that is, try to reduce the problem of over-discharging of the power battery. Try to avoid driving on potholes, which may cause the power battery to be hit.


2. Slow charge is the main, fast charge is supplemented

Fast charge is still quite big for the damage of the power battery. After all, it is a large current charge. Therefore, for the pure electric vehicle, the power-filling strategy is still slow-charged, and fast charge is supplemented. In other words, if you have a charging pile installation condition at home, it is better to use it.


3. Try to avoid charging in extremely cold conditions

The working principle of the power battery is as follows: Li+ of the positive electrode during charging and Li+ in the electrolyte are concentrated to the negative electrode to obtain electrons, which are reduced to Li inlaid in the carbon material of the negative electrode. Li which is embedded in the negative carbon material during discharge loses electrons and enters the electrolyte, and Li+ in the electrolyte moves toward the positive electrode. Under extreme cold conditions, the activity of the power battery will be greatly reduced. A simple understanding is that it affects the activity and moving speed of lithium ions, thereby affecting the charging efficiency and causing greater damage to the battery. This is not as durable as the winter mobile phone, and the principle is much the same.


4. Avoid the occurrence of deep feeds

If you park for a long time, you need to recharge the power battery regularly. In the normal use process, before you go out, you must plan the driving path and try not to have a deep feeding state. Power batteries are often in the state of deep feed, and their impact on their useful life is still great.

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