Type of electronic tube

Last Update Time: 2018-12-03 11:50:39

(1) Classification by purpose

According to their different uses, the electronic tube can be divided into a voltage amplification tube, a power amplification tube, an inflation tube, a thyristor, a igniting tube, a frequency conversion tube, a rectifier tube, a detection tube, a tuning indicator tube (electric eye), a voltage regulator tube, and the like.

(2) Classification by number of electrodes

The electron tube can be divided into a voltage amplification tube, a triode tube, a quadrupole tube, a pentode tube, a hexapole tube, a hexapole tube, an octopole tube, a ninth pole tube and a composite tube according to the number of electrodes. Electric tubes above three poles are also called multi-pole tubes or multi-gate tubes.

(3) Classification by shape

The tube can be divided into a bottle-shaped glass tube (ST tube), an "acorn" tube, a cylindrical glass tube (GT tube), a large glass tube (G-type tube), a metal porcelain tube, a small tube according to its shape and housing material ( Also known as peanut tube or finger tube, MT tube), tower tube (light tube), ultra-small tube (pencil tube) and so on.

(4) Classified by internal structure

According to its internal structure, the electron tube can be divided into a single diode, a diode, a double two-pole transistor, a double diode tube, a single triode, a power pentode, a beam quadrupole, a beam pentode, a double pole, and a diode. —— Five-pole composite pipe, beam quadrupole, three-pole five-pole composite pipe, three-pole six-pole composite pipe, three-pole seven-pole composite pipe, beam power everywhere and other types.

(5) Classification according to the heating method of the cathode

The electron tube can be divided into a direct heating type cathode tube (current directly passes through the cathode to reach a thermal electron emission state) and a side heating type cathode tube (heating the cathode through a filament beside the cathode) according to the heating mode of the cathode.

(6) Classified by shielding method

The electron tube can be divided into a sharp cut-off shield tube and a remote cut-off shield tube according to the shielding method.

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