What are the major industries commonly used in RFID technology?

Last Update Time: 2022-04-28 10:42:01

1. Fixed asset management: Asset managers stick or fix RFID electronic tags on assets for easy inventory, and can manage fixed assets in the RFID fixed asset management system, set reminders for fixed inspection and scrap information, not only In this way, in the RFID fixed asset management system, asset purchase approval and consumables management can also be carried out, saving time and effort.

2. Warehouse management: RFID electronic tags can understand the location and storage of goods in real time, improve warehousing efficiency, and solve the problem of warehousing information management.

3. Production line management: RFID electronic tags are used on the production line, which can record process and process operation information without contact, and record the worker ID, time, operation, and quality inspection results, which can avoid handwriting and visual information in the production environment. The errors caused can meet production needs and achieve traceability of production.

4. Valuables management: RFID electronic tags can be used in supermarkets, attached to or built into the packaging of goods, often used in the theft, settlement, and after-sales guarantee of valuables such as cameras, camcorders, portable computers, CD players, and jewelry. The special shelf scanner will scan the goods in real time and get real-time cargo records. RFID chips are embedded in the goods and stored in warehouses, shopping malls and other goods, as well as in the logistics process. The relevant information of the goods is automatically collected by the reader. The manager can quickly query the information of the goods in the system, reducing the risk of discarding or theft, and improving the goods. Handover speed, improve accuracy, and prevent channeling and anti-counterfeiting.

5. Anti-counterfeiting: Each product has its own RFID electronic tag, which records all the information from the source manufacturer to the sales terminal. Through scanning, detailed information records are generated and can be used for cultivation and breeding.

6. Train/vehicle identification/baggage security inspection: The vehicle dispatching system of my country's railway is a typical case. Automatic identification of vehicle numbers and information input saves a lot of time for manual statistics and improves accuracy.

7. Access control/attendance: Some companies or some large conferences, by entering their identity or fingerprint information in advance, they can check in by themselves through the door recognition system, which saves a lot of time in the middle, which is convenient and labor-saving.

8. Medical information tracking: case tracking, waste tracking, medicine tracking, etc. are all good ways to improve hospital service levels and efficiency.


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